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Thermal Printhead

Konica Printhead

Konica Printhead

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New Konica KM1024 LNB 42PL...
  • New

New Konica KM1024 LNB 42PL Oil Based...

Price $728.00

Genuine Konica minolta km1024 printhead LNB 1024 42pl

Brand New Konica KM1024 LNB 42PL Printhead for Anapurna M2050, Allwin C8 and Dilli Neo Titan FB2513-06DW, Agfa Anapurna M2540 FB.

The Konica Minolta KM1024 LNB printhead is compatible with oil based and solvent inks, printhead ini di gunakan untuk printers Agfa Anapurna, Allwin  & Dilli Neo Titan FB2513-06DW

Konica KM1024i MAE-C 14PL...
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Konica KM1024i MAE-C 14PL Printhead...

Price $1,082.00

The Konica Minolta KM1024i MAE-C print head has a high density structure featuring 4 rows of 256 nozzles aligned with high precision improving positioning accuracy to realize high print quality results at high speed printing. This printhead is used for Human Digital Technology QP-Jet & Konica Nassenger Pro 120 printers

Condition NEW And ORIGINAL

Brand New Konica Minolta...
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Brand New Konica Minolta 1024 SHB...

Price $927.00

The Konica Minolta KM1024 SHB print head is a powerful, slide-mode, on-demand piezo print head that can be used in binary and 8-level grayscale modes, providing variable droplet sizes and higher print quality. This printhead is used for Inktec Jetrix, Docan, IIJ ColourPrint, AOjet APro 320F printers. This printhead is original, new and This printhead carries a manufacturer's warranty.